Welcome to my new website.

Ross and I continue to live, and love being, in Oxford. We have got a nice little cottage and have enjoyed things like weekends and building a garden – stuff that is really quite foreign to us and others who have had a seven-day-a-week business. It was very sad losing our café & cook school last year, but it is great to see the café space taken over by another café operator [Sheffield Pies]. Adam is on the coffee machine keeping the café community really happy with his great cups of caffeine fix.

In fact there are now lots of great foodie businesses – plus a wonderful new supermarket and motel in Oxford, so the town is really thriving.

We love living here. Ross continues to enjoy his volunteering for the Oxford Fire Brigade. My work continues with writing for the Australian Women’s Weekly, taking my culinary tours and my voluntary work with Hospice New Zealand. I have recently had (hopefully) my final ankle surgery and I am in plaster for six more weeks and on the road to mending.

The last year has been one heck of a rocky patch but we continue onwards and upwards and are optimistic for the future.

The web site is being developed so that it has a recipe section which we will slowly populate. It will have details of my tours to Italy and beyond with a link to my fabulous travel partner Pam Young. She can advise of all the dates and details of upcoming tours. I also plan to send out regular news updates with recipes and tips for cooking and entertaining.

I am proof reading my latest cookbook “Elbows off the Table…Please”. This will be available in plenty of time for Christmas 2016! for more information please go to.. http://penguin.co.nz/authors/98-jo-seagar

Whilst the Cook School & Café have gone, it has been a wonderful ten years here in Canterbury. We are full of hope for the future and, like everyone in this part of the world, will rise to the challenges ahead.

Here is a little recipe that I am really enjoying at the moment and that I demonstrated at the West Coast AgFest recently – Lemon Chicken Pasta with Tarragon - You should definately diarise the event held every two years in Hokitika, it was great fun.

We still have a couple of places left on our Morocco trip, register here now!

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